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Natural Resources Inventory and Studies


    •    Threatened-Endangered-Sensitive (TES) Species Surveys

    •  Spotted Owl
    • Great Grey Owl
    • Amphibian
    • Northern Goshawk
    • Marbled Murrelet
    • Chiropteran Studies
    •  Willow Flycatcher
    •  Avian Point Count

    •    Wind and Solar Environmental Studies and Monitoring

                  - Associated Pre- and Post-Construction Avian and Bat Studies

    •    Acoustical Wildlife Monitoring - Avian and Bat

    •    Wetland Delineations and Evaluations

    •    Habitat Assessments

    •    Vegetation and Habitat Surveying & Mapping

    •    Forest Inventory (FIA & FORVIS)

    •    Timber Stand Exams & Cruising

    •    Cultural Resources/Archeological Studies

    •    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Map Creation


CEQA and NEPA Planning and Permitting

    •    Environmental Assessments (EA)

    •    Biological Assessments (BA)

    •    Natural Environment Studies (NES) - CA Dept Transportation

    •    Environmental/Biological/Archeological Monitoring

    •    ACOE Section 404 Nationwide and Individual Permits, 

          Section 10 Permits

    •    USFWS “No Take” Determinations and "take" agreements

    •    CDFG Streambed Alteration Agreements (401 Permit)  

    •    Private Consulting Biologist (#0050) Service (Northern 
          Spotted Owl, 2011 Protocol) in support of California Forest 
          Practice Rules (CFPR) and timber harvest plans (THP)

    •    Species Specific Habitat Planning (All TES Species)

    •    Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP) - All Western Habitat Types/Species


Other Expertise and Niche Studies

    •    Oak Woodland Studies and Planning

    •    Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP) – Oak Woodlands and 
          Timberland Plans

    •    Great Gray Owl Staff Expert: Studies, Habitat Assessment, 
          Studies & Surveys

    •    Transportation Planning

    •    Visual Corridor and Resource Studies

    •    Remote Geographic Location Advice/Navigation

          Consultation/Map & Routing (Basically, if you need advice 
          and assistance with planning and finding the best route to/ 
          how to get to a remote location(s) in the western states 
          strongly and with confidence)